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Firearms Coatings


We offer cerakote services in our shop. If you are local you can set up a time to drop off your project. If you are not local you can mail us your project through USPS, Fedex, or UPS. Just contact us first so that we can go over your project. 

We do ask that you remove any optics and optic mounts before you bring or send your projects to us. We do not offer any optic coatings. 

Cerakote is a thin, ceramic based coating that is used on firearms and other projects. It will protect metal surfaces from rusting and also is thin enough to use on even tight tolerance areas like threads. 

Cerakote requires a thorough preparation of the parts consisting of completely disassembling, degreasing and media blasting to remove any oils and coatings that may already be on the parts. This also will etch the surface for best adhesion. Once the coatings have been applied and cured we will then reassemble and lubricate the firearm. 

Once the parts have been prepped we apply one thin coat and then cure in the oven. If we are applying multiple colors to the same parts we would apply one color, partially cure, cool then apply then next color. We would repeat this process partially curing in between each color until all colors have been applied and then fully cure in the oven at the required temperature and time for the parts. This is also the process we use if we are using stencils to create multi-color patterns.